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Announcing the 2019 SOCAN Foundation Awards Recipients

Announcing the 2019 SOCAN Foundation Awards Recipients

August 22, 2019

SOCAN Foundation Awards for Young Composers

The John Weinzweig Grand Prize of $3,000 for the best overall work was awarded to Eugene Astapov for “Hear My Voice.” The jury panel members were Elisabeth Raum, Dinuk Wijeratne, and Alissa Cheung.

The Godfrey Ridout Awards, for works of any number of voices with or without instrumentation and/or electroacoustics.
1st prize: Roydon Tse for “And the Ocean was Gone” (ON);
2nd prize: Francis Choiniere for “A Clear Midnight” (QC);
3rd prize: Tristan Zaba for “Encroachment” (ON);
Young Composer Prize: Leo Purich - Composer for “Flexible Fugue for Choir (SATB) and piano” (QC).

The Hugh Le Caine Awards, for live or recorded electroacoustics, where the intended performance is, at least in part, through loudspeakers. Works in this category may be multi-media and may include acoustic instrument(s) or voice(s), live or recorded. The principal element in the work must be electroacoustic.
1st prize: Carmen Vanderveken for “At Play: 3 short pieces” (QC);
2nd prize: Xavier Madore for “Les loges de la suite” (QC);
3rd prize: Bekah Simms for “Skinned & Skinscape” (ON);
Young Composer Prize: Kai Kubota-Enright for “Isaac” (BC).

The Pierre Mercure Awards, for solo or duet compositions, with or without voices and/or electroacoustics.
1st prize: Stephanie Orlando for “Scatterbrain” (ON);
2nd prize: Alison Yun-Fei Jiang for “Isles” (ON);
3rd prize: Liam Ritzfor “Drei Klavierstücke” (ON);
Young Composer Prize (ex æquo): Leonid Nediak for “Fantasie No. 2” (ON), and Thomas Cardoso-Grant for “artifact ii” (QC).

The Serge Garant Awards, for compositions requiring a minimum of three performers to a maximum of 12 performers with or without voice and/or electroacoustics.
1st prize: Eugene Astapov for “Hear My Voice” (ON);
2nd prize: Nolan Hildebrand for “HEATDEATH” (MB);
3rd prize: Corie Rose Soumah for “Reflet” (QC);
Young Composer Prize: Jules Bastin Fontaine for “Trio en hommage à Bruckner” (QC).

The Sir Ernest MacMillan Awards, for compositions requiring no fewer than 13 performers up to a full symphony orchestra, which may include vocal participation and may be scored to include electroacoustics.
1st prize: Luis Ramirez - Musician for “Chido” (ON);
2nd prize: William Kraushaar for “APOCALYPSIS 15” (QC);
3rd prize: Jared Miller for “Ricochet – Reverb – Repeat” (NY);
Young Composer Prize: Leo Purich for “Variations and Fugue on Mozart” (QC).

Thanks to a partnership with NYO Canada, three young composers will have an opportunity to hear their works in concert. These works will be “Variations and Fugue on Mozart” by Leo Purich, from Québec; “Chiaroscuro” by Dan Jeremy Reyes; and “Prairie Frost” by Stuart Beatch, Composer, Composer. One of these artists will also be offered a residence.

Congratulations to everybody!

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