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Call for scores: Problematic Orchestra for their December “Canadiana” concert series.

Call for scores: Problematic Orchestra for their December “Canadiana” concert series.

July 26, 2019

Problematic Orchestra is an eclectic semi-professional chamber orchestra based in Whitehorse, Yukon. The ensemble is administered by Longest Night Society.
For information visit longestnight.ca

P.O. performs an eclectic and diverse repertoire that crosses genres and styles, and includes new commissions. The group often incorporates singing by ensemble members as a kind of 'in situe' choral texture. Instrumentation is flexible, alternative instrumentation is often available based on the following:

Flute 1 and 2, oboe, clarinet 1 and 2, saxophone(s), trumpet, trombone, keyboards/piano, electronics, perc, 1-marimba, perc. II-misc., perc. III-timpani, strings: 3/3/3/3/2


Problematic Orchestra is seeking scores from Canadian composers for their December 'Canadiana' concert series. Any and all types of works will be considered. Works with some sort of additional 'Canadiana' theme, aside from the composer being Canadian, would be welcome but not necessary. Decisions will be made based on overall program balance, musicality, and viability for our ensemble.

P.O. is a developing ensemble, located in Northern Canada, and made up of a diverse group of musicians with varying skill levels. Scores should not be too difficult. Comprovisation or improvisation is welcome.

Contributing composers must be able to deliver parts by September 15, 2019.
P.O. / Longest Night Society is committed to paying a performance royalty to all contributing composers on a pro-rated basis, and to an amount based on our annual find-raising efforts - to be determined. Performance recordings will be made available.

Please send PDF of scores, and MP3 recordings if possible to:
c/o Daniel Janke