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Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2018
Record Label: Independent

Juliet Palmer: rivers

Water and song are elemental forces which sustain both our bodies and souls. In “Narrow Banks,”
subtle variations of the body's circulatory system resonate with field recordings of Toronto's rivers,
while Emily Dickinson's poetry maps the heart’s inner landscape. Branching blood vessels and
capillaries echo tree silhouettes in “Dreaming of Trees,” reminding us that we are rooted in the
same ground. Two suns mark the dawn of the nuclear age in “Dusk of Tears,” an era when the

Laura Swankey
Tova Kardonne
Felicity Williams
Lieke van der Voort
Alex Samara
Jocelyn Barth
Mingja Chen
Andrea Kuzmich
Aki Takahashi
Christine Duncan
Juliet Palmer
Ryan Brouwer

1. Narrow Bridge (6:26)
2. Dreaming of Trees (6:59)
3. Dusk of Tears (2:38)
4. Burble (9:37)
5. Litany (6:23)
6. Simple Death (5:26)

(c) (p) 2018 Juliet Palmer / Barnyard Records

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