Jim and Paul play Glenn and Ludwig

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Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2018
Record Label: Centrediscs / Centredisques

Jim Gelcer / Paul Hoffert Trio, featuring George Koller

Jim and Paul play Glenn and Ludwig is a jazz album inspired by Glenn Gould’s favourite Beethoven music performed by the Jim Gelcer / Paul Hoffert Trio. The Glenn Gould Estate suggested that they create a recording inspired by Gould’s legacies of creativity and excellent performance. It features themes from Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, Fifth Symphony, Fifth Piano Concerto and Pathetique Sonata integrated into carefully crafted new arrangements. The new and old are seamlessly woven together into virtuoso jazz trio performances with frequent improvisations and occasional supportive orchestration. Jazz and classical music fans alike will play these tracks over and over, mining more of their musical gold with each listen.

The Jim Gelcer / Paul Hoffert Trio features Jim Gelcer (drums), Paul Hoffert (piano), along with George Koller (bass), and guest appearances by jazz flutist Bill McBirnie. Previous collaborations by Jim Gelcer and Paul Hoffert have enthralled audiences and listeners at jazz festivals and clubs and on their inaugural jazz CD How High The Bird. Their separate musical excursions include award-winning rock, kirtan (Indian), orchestral, and soundtrack recordings and performances.

1. Moon Light (5:41)
2. The Other Fifth (5:57)
3. Vitamin B51 (3:50)
4. Vitamin B52 (4:58)
5. Vitamin B53 (4:33)
6. Vitamin B54 (3:34)
7. First Path (4:13)
8. Second Path (5:29)
9. Day Light (4:35)

Total Time / Durée totale: 43:09
Release date / Date de sortie: 21.09.2018


"Curiosity and doubt surprisingly quickly turned to delight and respect when listening to Jim Gelcer (drums), Paul Hoffert (piano) and George Koller (bass) with guests Bill McBirnie (flute on three tracks) and Ifield Joseph (guitar on one track) face the music and develop their jazz ideas based on recordings of pianist Glenn Gould playing Beethoven...With their jazz brilliance, all the musicians give new life and colour to the music of Glenn and Ludwig!" _ The WholeNote

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