The Youth Piano Phoenix Awards

June 25, 2018

Classical piano competition for our young pianists in the GTA and only one uniquely remarkable pianist, in each category, may claim to be a Phoenix. Come and listen to the sound of our future virtuoso piano players. If not by family ties, come as a fan. They will enjoy having you!​

Our objective is to offer the younger generation an experience to perform in front of a live audience. Although this is a competition, 3 of our finalists will also be offered a chance to perform in our "Peace" concert.

Jury's task: The jury's task will be to grade each classical piece played without making use of any original scores. Pianists will be free to interpret the original piece as well as being able to be creative and integrate nuances of their own. All finalists will be judged on Skill, Difficulty and Performance.

Audience: Our audience will also have the chance to vote for their favorite pianists which, in result, will impact the musicians performance ratings. For more information on how to vote, please go to . Voting will only be allowed during intermissions.

Competition Details: 6 contestants in each category will be selected as finalists after they've auditioned. The first 3 finalists of each category will be eligible for scholarship prizes and the Phoenix award will be offered to the first place winner in each category.

Price to Audition: Juniors - $40.00 (7 to 12 yrs.) and Youth - $60.00 (13 to 18 yrs.)

Rules and Regulations:

Audition Registration:

Finals are sponsored by Yamaha Canada Music Ltd.