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SKU: CMCCT 10918
Ensemble/Performer: Adam Sherkin
Media Type: Vinyl Record
Year of Release: 2018
Record Label: Centretracks

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Soliloquy delivers a snapshot of the Canadian piano miniature. This new release from pianist/composer Adam Sherkin reflects the intimate and the contemporary through sound worlds that are unique to Canada. All five tracks presented are world premiere recordings: an early Prelude by distinguished Canadian Jacques Hétu and a neoclassical Invention abuzz with new world counterpoint by Colin McPhee. Adam Sherkin’s own set of three Meditations, {Book II} offer affectionate musical dedications: 1) Midsummer Ballad, written for a childhood friends’ wedding; 2) Soliloquy, written for a close friend’s 30th birthday and; 3) Scotch & Happiness, inspired by verses containing an irrepressible dose of parental life advice.

1. Prélude en fa mineur (1956)
Adam Sherkin, piano
Music by Jacques Hétu

2. Invention (1926)
Adam Sherkin, piano
Music by Colin McPhee

Meditations, Book II (2017):

3. Midsummer Ballad
Adam Sherkin, piano
Music by Adam Sherkin

4. Soliloquy
Adam Sherkin, piano
Music by Adam Sherkin

5. Scotch & Happiness
Adam Sherkin, piano
Music by Adam Sherkin

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