I'll Be Good

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Call Number: CD 1765
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2007
Record Label: Independent

Like Franz Liszt and Metallica in a cage match! Horvat’s first studio release is an aggressive yet virtuosic collection of original solo piano compositions. Groove-oriented and rhythmic, these pieces without words tell deeply personal stories. Influenced by Bach, Beethoven, Bartók, Zappa, Rush, Miles Davis, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, metal, Tori Amos and life.

Frank Horvat, piano

Track Listing

1. Starsky & Hutch (3:32)
2. Filler' Up (8:29)
3. Dirty (2:34)
4. In the Name of Ignorance (7:40)
5. Alexis (5:31)
6. Almost an Island (3:53)
7. ZeeZoo Snaps (6:19)
8. Great House of Riffs (4:19)
9. Blind Man (4:09)
10. NoName (3:30)
11. Speedy McBlues (5:39)
12. Smokers (5:38)
13. The Resolve (7:44)

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