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In Review: Sweat

In Review: Sweat

August 3, 2017

"In mid-July, the Bicycle Opera Project began its touring production of Sweat, the a cappella opera for 9 singers by composer Juliet Palmer and librettist Anna Chatterton. In this production directed by Banuta Rubess, BOP is giving Sweat its Canadian premiere, bringing to Ontario audiences the bleak story of the lives of women who work in the garment industry's sweat shops. Happily, Schmopera got to watch a technical run in their current space, the Aki Studio at Toronto's Daniels Spectrum.

"It's a story that confirms one's hunches about where their $12 tank tops come from, and one that addresses the unresolved truths that are sadly outweighed by the temptations of corporate profit and customer convenience ("If I don't buy it, someone else will."). The opera itself is a cross between an ensemble piece and a vaguely heroic story of one factory worker who fights for fair treatment."

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