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Grimes gets the classical treatment

Grimes gets the classical treatment

March 9, 2017

Ahead of Plumes' show at the Music Gallery, local composer Monica Pearce discusses translating Grimes's Visions for an acoustic ensemble, and gender equity in Toronto’s classical scene

"Grimes’s 2012 album Visions is getting the classical treatment from Montreal-based ensemble Plumes.

The group, which includes singer/guitarist Veronica Charnley (of Flotilla), composer and multi-instrumentalist Geof Holbrook and harpist Éveline Grégoire-Rousseau, commissioned composers to rework tracks to take Grimes’s subversion of pop traditions even further down the road of deconstruction. Composers include Nicole Lizée, Marielle Groven, Cassandra Miller, Emilie LeBel and Toronto-based Monica Pearce..."