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The Azrieli Music Prizes

The Azrieli Music Prizes

March 8, 2017

Established in 2014 by the Azrieli Foundation, the two Azrieli Music Prizes (AMP) offer opportunities for the creation, performance and celebration of high quality new Jewish Music.

The Azrieli Prize of $50,000 CAD is awarded biennially through a competitive process to a composer who has written the best new major work of Jewish Music. Open to the international music community, individual works can be nominated by individuals and institutions from all nationalities, faiths, backgrounds and affiliations, and submitted to the AMP Jury through the open call for scores. Works may have been premiered within ten years of the award date, but must not have a significant performance history, and must not have been commercially recorded.

The Azrieli Commissioning Competition is open to Canadian composers, with the aim of encouraging creative and critical engagement with the question “What is Jewish Music?” A commissioning fee of $50,000 CAD is awarded biennially to the Canadian composer who proposes a response to this question that displays the utmost creativity, artistry and musical excellence.

Proposals and supporting documents are accepted from nominators and individual composers of all faiths, backgrounds and affiliations. The winning proposals are chosen by an international panel of experts in the field of music creation and performance.

Further aims of AMP are to educate the general public about the universal appeal and artistic importance of the works that result from engaging with the fascinating topic of Jewish Music, whether that be through live performance, recording, composer talks, panel discussions or other related programming.