Canada's living music / musique vivante canadienne

Composition Date: 1993


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  • CD 137
  • Date of Acquisition:
  • April 29, 1997
  • Type:
  • Sound recording, commercial
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  • 1 compact disc (57:15).
  • Additional Information:
  • Centrediscs CD sampler: a compilation from Canadian artists and composers.
    Moods (excerpt) / Violet Archer -- Harp of David (excerpt) / John Beckwith -- Image astrale / Jean Coulthard -- When do they is not the same as why do they (excerpt) / Peter Hatch -- Quintette (excerpt) / Pierick Houdy -- Music for young prince. Dreams / Godfrey Ridout -- String quartet no. 3. Allegro energico / R. Murray Schafer -- Re-tuning / Ann Sotham -- Private collection. Hello Rico / John Weinzweig.

    Additional People:
    Violet Archer
    Jean Coulthard
    Ann Southam
    Pierick Houdy
    John Beckwith
    John Weinzweig
    R. Murray Schafer
    Godfrey Ridout
    Victor Feldbrill
    Paul Brodie
    Monica Gaylord
    Mary Lou Fallis
    Judy Loman
    Charles Foreman
    Jon Washburn
    James Campbell
    Rivka Golani
    Beverley Johnston
    Peter Hatch
    Toronto Symphony Orchestra
    Toronto Symphony Orchestra
    Orford String Quartet
    Orford String Quartet
    Vancouver Chamber Choir
    Vancouver Chamber Choir
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