An Interview with Luciano Berio: By Norma Beecroft


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Luciano Berio
b. Oneglia, Italy, October 24, 1925 – d. Rome, Italy, May 27, 2003

Interviewed by Norma Beecroft as part of her ebook, Conversations With Post World War II Pioneers of Electronic Music.
Recorded on audio cassette.
Digital transfer and editing: William Van Ree

Luciano Berio, one of a talented generation of composers who emerged in Italy after the Second World War, gained international acclaim for his pioneering work in electronic music, and his unique approach to instrumental and vocal music in his series of solo pieces for virtuosic musicians titled Sequenza.

Founder of Italy’s Studio di Fonolgia at the Milan Radio, most of his electronic compositions were produced there and often featured the manipulated voice of Berio’s first wife, Cathy Berberian. He was director of the electro-acoustic division of IRCAM in Paris from 1974-80, and in his later years, he developed his interest in electronics in the use of live devices.

His career as composer/educator/conductor took him frequently abroad, and he was awarded many distinguished honours during his lifetime.

You can read the transcript of the interview, along with interviews of 22 other electroacoustic composers, by purchasing the ebook here.