Celtic Mass for the Sea

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SKU: CD-MAR 81149
Ensemble/Performer: Scott Macmillan
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 1993
Record Label: Marquis Classics

In June of 1988, Scott Macmillan was commissioned through CBC radio producer Markandrew Cardiff and by the CBC Commission Office to create a “Celtic Mass for the Sea”. The instrumentation was to be similar to an earlier project Scott had worked on, “The OCTET”. This time there would be the addition of Irish bagpipes, Celtic Knot (Uileann pipes), celtic harp, a sixty voice choir, string orchestra and a text that would reflect a Celtic perspective of the sea and, at the same time, address our responsibility to our environment. The text was researched, edited and adapted for the Mass layout by Jennyfer Brickenden.

Scott Macmillan, composer/conductor
Jennyfer Brickenden, librettist

Track Listing:

1-3. Introit (7:00)
4. Kyrie (6:40)
5. Gloria-Liturgy (3:54)
6. First Reading (4:09)
7-13. Second Reading (12:11)
14. Credo (5:13)
15. Sanctus (4:15)
16. Benedictus (3:41)
17-20. Agnus Dei & Dismissal (9:23)

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