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Generation is 20 years old, let’s celebrate!

Generation is 20 years old, let’s celebrate!

October 23, 2014

Crossing Canada from West to East for the 8th time since 2000, the ECM+’s Génération2014 Canadian tour conducted by Véronique Lacroix presents a new edition of this now legendary project, celebrating its 20th anniversary A record nine Canadian cities will host ECM+ who invites art music lovers of all around the country to discover the new works of four emerging Canadian composers, in some electrifying performances. Multidisciplinary artist and composer Gabriel Dharmoo succedes to Nicolas Gilbert for short interviews on stage with the composers, before the performance of their work.

ECM+ will mark this anniversary with the publication of an Anniversary book, Génération, 20 years (1994-2014) presenting the Génération composers and some of the most important collaborators who made this large scope project possible, as well as a new Génération Jury Award.

Finally, ECM+ will launch it’s new CD Magister Ludi, featuring the music of composer Gordon Fitzell, alumni of Génération2000 and the first Canadian tour.


Marie-Pierre Brasset (Qc), Alec Hall (Ont-New York), Evelin Ramon (Qc-Cuba) and Anthony Tan (Alb-Berlin) were selected in the summer of 2013 by the jury of Génération2014 one of the most important composition contest of the country. Last March, they experimented with the ECM+ musicians during the workshops. The microtonal poetry of Brasset, the extreme timbral
research of Hall, the rythmic work of Ramon and the temporal musical experiment of Tan confirms that there are as many ways to compose as there are composers!

20 years of Génération

"When 20 years ago, someone suggested to bring the musicians of ECM together to let the composers “explore” freely, my heart did somersaults : here was an initiative that would not only help them in their musical research but also answer my questions and those of an interested public, no doubt. Maybe I could at last share the rich secrets of these scores that had always fascinated me. "
Véronique Lacroix, Artistic Director, ECM+

Initiated in 1994 under the name Ateliers et Concert, the Génération project has since contributed to launch the career of 53 Canadian composers. This event, unique in Canada, has led to an equivalent number of new works premiered, through 8 large canadian tours, for a total of 54 concerts in sixteen different cities.
"With unwavering devotion to an idea, in twenty years ECM+ and its director Véronique Lacroix have created a national discourse around contemporary art music in Canada through the biannual Génération workshop and national tour. It is a success because of the tendency of its juries to select diverse musics. There is no aesthetic axe to grind, no supporting one style at the expense of the other. In this way, the Génération concerts are a concrete representation of art music across Canada by emerging composers."
Christopher Butterfield, Composer and Associate Professor of composition and theory, University of Victoria

Génération has cast light, over the years, on dozens of composers amongst the most talented of the new generations : Ana Sokolovic, Jean-François Laporte, Nicole Lizée, Louis Dufort, Nicolas Gilbert, André Ristic, Gordon Fitzell, Paul Frehner, Maxime McKinley, Gabriel Dharmoo, etc.
"... above all, I remember the many discussions with Véronique Lacroix, whose consuming interest in the smallest details of my score gradually convinced me of the value of my music and gave me greater confidence in my creative instinct. Having the freedom to lay the groundwork and develop our personality is an inestimable gift for a composer. "
Ana Sokolovic, Composer

New Génération Jury Award: This $2,500 prize comes with an ECM+ commission and will be awarded by Génération alumni who will attend each of the tour concerts. The Génération Jury Award will be in addition to the Génération Audience Choice Award 1, attributed since 2010.
This year again, the audiences of the nine-city tour of Génération2014 will get to choose the winner of the Génération2014 Audience Choice Award (1500 $) by voting for their favourite piece.

Watch video clips from the featured composers and performers here

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