Sound Reflections Vol. 1: Off the Shelf

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Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2014
Record Label: Independent

Sandra Joy Friesen is a pianist with a broad range of repertoire and musical interests, from traditional to contemporary, to interpretation of pictorial scores and inter-disciplinary collaboration. As a music educator since 1992, Sandra Joy has investigated the developments in piano techniques, styles and aesthetics from the past century and has dedicated a large part of her career to lecture-recitals, presentations and workshops on contemporary music.


1. Fantasy for pianoforte (1947) 6:44
Violet Archer

2. - 6. Five Extensions Op. 21 (1968) 11:33
John Fodi

7. - 12. Six Preludes Op. 30 (1952) 7:08
Udo Kasemets

13. - 15. Transplants, for prepared piano (2005) 8:12
Scott Smallwood

16. A Long Time Ago in the Future (1986, rev. 1997) 11:35
Mary Gardiner

17. - 40. Impromptus (1973) 10:30
John Weinzweig

41. Traçantes...auprès, au loin... (1976) 7:37

PERFORMER: Sandra Joy Friesen, piano

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