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from British Columbia
on December 19, 2014

"Every Friday in Globe B.C., we interview someone who is doing something notable in the arts in this province. For the final Culture Q&A of 2014, I wanted to talk to someone who does great work in the arts all year but remains a bit of an unsung hero. There are a lot of people who fit this bill, but I...

from National
on December 19, 2014

"Who could have known that a short story written in a few hours at a table would go on to become a Canadian classic?

That it would be read by kids young and old from coast to coast? That its first lines would be printed on the Canadian five dollar bill from 2001 to 2012? That it would sell 300,000 copies and...

from National
on December 19, 2014

"EDMONTON - It is a measure of the multicultural reach of our city that Edmonton’s leading younger composer was born here in 1975 to Chinese émigrés, who were themselves born in Vietnam and married in Hong Kong. Her name is Vivian Fung and she now lives in San Francisco after a spell in New York.

I got the...

from Prairie
on December 17, 2014

Saluti da Italia! As a CMC Associate Composer I am fulfilling a term as a Resident Scholar and Composer in Residence December 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015 for the Adkins Chiti Foundation, Women in Music, in Fuiggi, Italy http://www....

from National
on December 16, 2014

"I love Beethoven as much as anybody. But, he doesn't reply to my tweets.

There's something about listening to music that's written by somebody whom you could theoretically bump into on the street — music that belongs to the same time and place as you do. To wit, check out the gallery above for 10 pieces of...

from National
on December 16, 2014

Each week, CBC Radio 2's In Concert looks at new classical music releases and selects one recording that you need to know about. Here's your classical disc of the week for Dec. 14, 2014.

Album: La Veillée de Noël
Artist: soprano Suzie LeBlanc and friends
Repertoire: Traditional Acadian...

from British Columbia
on December 12, 2014

Vancouver Pro Musica invites all BC composers to submit new works for presentation at the Further Series Ethos Collective concert May 22, 2015. Selected scores will receive a first reading at a public session on March 28, 2015 at VSO School of Music Pyatt Hall.

In addition, Ethos Collective will present a...

from National
on December 11, 2014

June 2015 Charlotte International New Music Festival & Composers Workshop

Applications now open: 4th Annual Charlotte New Music Festival (June 7-27)

Composers Workshop (June 14-27)
Max/MSP Workshop (June 8-13)


from British Columbia
on December 9, 2014


Poseidon’s Trident (concert band) / T. Patrick Carrabre
The Hockey Sweater (narrator, orchestra) / Abigail Richardson-Schulte
Never To Return (string orchestra) / Karen Sunabacka


Raven And Thunder (...

from Ontario
on December 8, 2014

The Canadian Music Centre (Ontario Region) and the Ontario Band Association are coordinating the Wind Band Composition project, a collaborative workshop that stimulates greater interest in contemporary Canadian educational band repertoire. This two-part project brings together Canadian Composers, conductors,...