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A pilot program developed by composer Rose Bolton
Coordinated by Rose Bolton and Matthew Fava.

Equalizer: Women in Electronic Music is focused on education and community building among women (trans/cis/non-binary) who create electronic music. Through mentoring, technical instruction and sharing of music and ideas, we foster mutual support and camaraderie among those who present or identify as women. Together we will encourage and feed into your creative spirit.

If you see yourself as a woman and a creator, you may be accustomed to feeling like “the only girl”. Perhaps you have experienced having to squeeze in between or push to the front of a group of dudes, to get a look at the equipment, for example. You may wonder what it would be like if there was more gender diversity.

Women in Electronic Music is not only a place for musical growth and pursuit of artistic excellence, but also where you can be part of a community in electronic music. Towards 50/50 is what we aspire to: where the gender ratio of the artistic creators mirrors that of the people listening.

Program overview:

  • Program runs from February-May 2016
  • 3-4 participants will be selected, and notification will be sent in early January 2016.
    • Participants will receive private instruction sessions (1 hour per month), as well as group workshops (2 hours per month), facilitated by Rose Bolton.
    • There is no immediate cost to apply. Participation for the selected individuals is $125. The application form allows you to indicate whether you would be interested in an alternate membership scheme.
  • In addition to the sessions outlined above, any applicant who is interested will be invited to a women’s inclusive electronic music get-together/symposium, that will take place between February and May 2016. At the symposium, people can meet, greet and share their works and ideas.
  • All program activity will take place at the Canadian Music Centre (20 St. Joseph Street, Toronto, near Yonge and Wellesley).

*We are interested in developing the program, and increasing the number of participants in future editions. We encourage all applicants to participate in symposium activity, and we encourage anyone who is not selected for private instruction to apply in future rounds.

As we develop the program, we are gathering information and would therefore like to invite you to fill out this questionnaire. We hope to incorporate feedback into the application process, and project structure.

Eligibility: In order to be considered, prospective participants are encouraged to submit an example of their music. We also encourage any artistically inclined women to apply, and they can submit examples of artistic output in other media.

  • The priority is a musical composition (can be in the form of written out music, or a recording).
  • Optional: your submission can be accompanied by a paragraph (up to 100 words), describing your music, and your interest in electronic music and what it means to you as a creator.
  • We are particularly interested in potential candidates aged 18-24 for the intensive mentoring session. However we are welcoming a wider age bracket for the symposium.

How to apply: Click here or fill in the survey below.

Deadline for completing Questionnaire and submission of music: December 1, 2015

Completed questionnaires can be submitted through this form, or responses can be emailed to info@rosebolton.com. You can also mail your responses by post:

c/o Rose Bolton, Matthew Fava
Canadian Music Centre
20 St. Joseph St.
Toronto, ON M4Y 1J9

For more information, please email
Rose Bolton (Composer) info@rosebolton.com
Matthew Fava (Director-Ontario Region at the Canadian Music Centre) mfava@musiccentre.ca