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Chamberfest Review: New music interesting but not easy listening

Chamberfest Review: New music interesting but not easy listening

août 6, 2013

"There were three concerts of about an hour each Monday afternoon (and there will be another three on Tuesday) in Chamberfests’ New Music Now series. None of the music was easy listening but it was mostly very interesting.

The first of the programs, at noon, featured four pieces, all of them involving electro-acoustic material and three of them projected images as well. The best of them was Keith Hamel’s Touch for piano, hand tracking and interactive computer processing. It was performed by Megumi Masaki who presumably realized the composer’s intentions well.

The three with projected content were enjoyable in varying degrees, but they all left me wondering: To the extent that I liked a piece, I might want to hear it again, but it’s unlikely that I will. Multimedia experimental pieces like those on this program don’t usual enter the repertoire except, for a short while, in a limited new music circuit. That isn’t to say that this or that composition doesn’t have merit, but that the composers are largely whistling in the wind..."


Compositeurs apparentés : Keith Hamel, John Weinzweig