Experimental modern dance to Owen Underhill's music


Imprint is a daring, site-specific work for dancers, large music ensemble and telepresence technology. It explores the resonance of cultural artifacts and stories as transmitted from place-to-place, time-to-time, and person-to-person. Music by Owen Underhill is paired with Henry Daniel’s spectacular combination of modern technology and movement. Imprint II – Henry Daniel and Owen Underhill The Imprint project began when Curator Jill Baird approached Henry Daniel to create a new work for the opening of the new Museum of Anthropology (MOA) at UBC. Henry approached Owen Underhill who in turn brought in the Turning Point Ensemble, and a complex journey was begun. On January 23, 2010, the first project, Imprint I, was premiered at the MOA. Extensive assistance with this project was provided by Chief Robert Joseph and William Wasden, both of the Kwakwaka’wakw nation. With this ongoing project, our intention was to explore the imprint of cultural artifacts and stories as transmitted from place to place, time-to-time, and person-to-person. As a result and given the site-specific nature of the piece and subject matter, the second version created for SFU Woodward’s and the Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre is a profoundly transformed work from what was premiered in January. This new work, Imprint II, has almost entirely new choreography, new music for the TPE and music that has been expanded from 7 to 16 instruments. New languagescapes have also been created based on interviews with participants in Imprint II, and many other original elements including the boxes designed by visual artist Alan Storey and an installation in the Woodward’s Audain gallery designed by Majid Bagheri that the dancers interact with during the performance. Performed at SFU Woodward's building in Vancouver, June 2010.

Crédits :Owen Underhill, Fei Wong, Milton Wong, Henry Daniel
Objet:Owen Underhill | Imprint II
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Created DateJun 2010