Transfigurations, The

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Before thy throne I now appear (1,405.10 kb)
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Theme and Variations (1,405.10 kb)
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Type de média : CD
Date de Parution : 2012
Étiquette du disque : Creaghan Publications

At the Transfiguration, the stage upon the Path wherein the third initiation is undergone, Christ revealed the glory which is innate in all men. The triple lower nature: physical, emotional and mental, represented by the three apostles (and here by the three variations), are completely transcended and have become simply the forms through which spiritual love may flow into the world in the task of salvation.

This work, The Transfigurations, a reference to the third of these initiations, was inspired by the teachings of Alice A. Bailey, and is a hommage to the great Masters of music in their own themes.

1. "Before thy throne I now appear"

2-5. Theme and Variations

6-9. The Transfiguration of J.S. Bach

10-13. The Transfiguration of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

14-16. The Transfiguration of Ludwig Von Beethoven

17. Coda: Awake Sleeping Ones

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