Mystery Theatre

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Cote: CD 773
Organisation : erosonic
Type de média : CD
Date de Parution : 2012
Étiquette du disque : Disques Victo

In 1994, Joseph Petric approached David Mott and suggested the idea of a unique duo which would explore new compositional, improvisation and artistic terrain. Mott is a full professor at York University, a composer, improviser and is known for his virtuosic work with extended instrumental techniques on the baritone saxophone. Petric is the creator of an accordion canon of 141 commissions. He is as comfortable performing Bach and Rameau with the principles of JJ Quantz's Baroque performance practise as he is in the performance of contemporary music and improvisation. These two artists came together in order to perform music which acknowledges the past, anticipates the future, and explores the completely new sonic combination of accordion and baritone saxophone. With both mutual respect for the role that interpretation and improvisation play in this new music, and Mott's long study of Eastern martial arts and philosophy, the duo Erosonic was born. It seemed a logical conclusion to the artistic visions of two dedicated and acclaimed soloists.

In the baritone saxophone discography, this disc reinforces the well known work of David Mott as he uses an extended registral spectrum, circular breathing, vocal modulation, multiphonics and timbral shifts. Mott has long been active as a composer and performer in an inclusive sonic exploration that allows for a greater range of artistic expressivity.

In the accordion discography, this disc establishes Petric as the first accordionist to achieve an inclusive art of performance. This is based on the big picture integration of improvisation, interpretation, extended instrumental technique, vibrato, and the introduction of his instrument's prototypical accordion sound. Petric's aesthetic allusion to sonic symbolism through references to both vernacular and past musics (semiotic coding), provides the foundation for the enormous range of artistic expressivity on the accordion.

Erosonic hopes that this CD will take the listener places they have never been, and transport them to those inner places of mystery, virtuosity and poetry.

- David Mott, Joseph Petric, November 2002

"Erosonic turns an unlikely set of duets into a haunting and inventive tour of modern music."
- Greg Buium, Coda

"This is music of uncommon depth with layers that can be peeled away..."
- Mike Chamberlain, Hour


1. A Logical Conclusion


2. Circles, Spirals and Spins


3. Mystery Theatre

4. Adrift on the Edge of Seas


5. Beating the Heavenly Drum


6. Tarantelle

(with tape / avec bande)

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