Puce À L'oreille

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SKU: CD-AM 123
Type de média : CD
Date de Parution : 2004
Étiquette du disque : Ambiances Magnétiques

Driven by energy and a certain innocence, Mélanie Auclair meets inspired and inspiring musicians: Guy Thouin, Bernard Falaise, Charles Papasoff and Joane Hétu, among others. A collection of immediate meetings ruled by freely emotive and textural music in an atmosphere of understanding and flexibility. A surprising debut album!

Puce à l’oreille is born out of an urge to create, to meet, to learn. After a number of creative experiences for theatre and dance, I wanted to push my experiments further by placing myself in the service of music, instead of placing the music in the service of another medium. I wanted to throw myself into it, to expose myself, to make the music that would present itself to me, while seizing the moment - a way of interpreting the instant. I wanted to be surrounded by people who have been inspiring me for a long time, people I admire for their approach, their playing, their strength in making their music uncompromisingly. I wanted to play with these people, to share a moment with them. These people I invited have all been extremely generous. This album has been conceived without any expectations, without even the thought that these experiments could lead to an album, my sole desire being to spend time with these people, to get to know them through the music and to get to know music through them. I was also very interested in the idea of playing music with people I didn’t know, our first human contact being established through music. The studio session unfolded just like that, with its load of feelings and surprises - like life itself. And that’s how, for a moment, I came into musical contact with these people. Each one of them gave me a bug… And I’ll do the same to you…” -Mélanie Auclair

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