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Symphony in Two Parts (1,394.69 kb)
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The Physics of Seduction, Invocation #1 (1,389.18 kb)
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SKU: CD-JTR 8440-2
Cote: CD 132
Type de média : CD
Date de Parution : 1992
Étiquette du disque : Justin Time Records

Tim Brady is one of the new breed of musicians who find their inspiration in the diversity of contemporary musical media. His musical vision encompasses the range from chamber music to orchestral works, through music for contemporary dance and music theatre, to free improvisation and contemporary jazz.

In his own work, as well as in the works he commissions, Brady is striving to push beyond the styles and forms assiciated with traditional electric guitar music. He asks creators and listeners to listen to what the electric guitar can do, not just to what it has done in the past. While Imaginary Guitars focuses on the electroacoustic community, it is Brady's stated intention to include purely instrumental composers in this quest as well.

This CD presents us with an important first step on the journey to a new appreciation of the electric guitar.


1. Symphony in Two Parts

2. Dead of Winter


3. Incertitude pourpre


4. Time Lapse Exposure


5 The Physics of Seduction, Invocation #1


6. Roche noire (chronique irlandaise)


7. Imaginary Guitars

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