Titre Type de Dossier Date de composition Durée Cote
concerto for piano and orchestra in F major in the spirit of W.A. Mozart
Partition, éditée 2003 00:26:00 MI 1361 H367k62
(for soprano, countertenor, tenor, baritone, bass, two SATB choirs, organ, two percussion, and two double basses)
Partition, éditée 1997 Inconnu MV 6235 H367kyr 1997
Arctic dreams 2
Hidden 2003 00:10:52 AR2781
Light from the cross
for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra
Partition, éditée 2002 Inconnu MV 1400 H367Li
Love among the ruins
Hidden 00:08:43 AR2936
The mega4 meta4
for viola and tape
Partition, éditée 1990 Inconnu MI 9103 H367met 1997
Hidden 1998 00:10:25 AR2803
Hidden 2009 00:14:11 AR2625
Modulations 1
percussion quartet
Partition, éditée 2011 Inconnu MI 7110 H367mo1
Mystirion xenon
Choir (SATB) and Digital Audio
Partition, éditée 2011 Inconnu MV 6800 H367my
(for recorder or flute, viola and digital audio)
Partition, éditée 1988 00:07:00 MI 9213 H367na
Of threads and labyrinths
for oboe, harp and tape
Partition, éditée 1994 Inconnu MI 9212 H367oft 1994
Old photographs
(for piano trio)
Partition, éditée 2000 00:10:30 MI 3226 H367ol
Orbiting garden
(for piano and tape)
Partition, éditée 1989 00:15:00 MI 9101 H367orb
Orbiting garden
Enregistrement sonore, commercial 2002 N/A CD 732
Paranymphus adiens
treble voices and violoncello
Partition, éditée 2003 00:05:00 MV 6103 H367pa
Parlor music
for vibraphone, clarinet, cello and piano
Partition, éditée 2004 Inconnu MI 8453 H367par
Parlor Music
Hidden 2004 00:07:24 AR2782
Pavilions en l'air
Hidden 00:15:07 AR2858
for marimba and digital audio
Partition, inédite 2015 Inconnu MI 9101 H367ph
Psalm 91
Hidden 2010 00:14:33 AR2689
Puer natus in Bethlehem, alleluia!
Enregistrement sonore, commercial 2003 N/A CD 920
Pyrrichean dances
for viola, percussion and string orchestra
Partition, éditée 2001 00:33:00 MI 1700 H367pyr
Hidden 2008 00:21:27 AR2537
Regarding starlight: new music for virtuosos
Enregistrement sonore, commercial 1993 N/A CD 159
Sepulcher of life
for soprano, middle-eastern singer (alto), satb choir and orchestra
Partition, éditée 2005 Inconnu MV 2500 H367sep 2005
Sepulcher of life
Hidden 00:31:18 AR2308
Spring equinox
Hidden 1985 00:25:00 AR918
String quartet No. 1
The Awakening (formerly known as Nunavut)
Hidden 00:26:27 AR2397
String quartet no. 1
The awakening
Partition, éditée 2013 00:21:45 MI 9203 H367st1