Titre Type de Dossier Date de composition Durée Cote
Dancing in the light
Enregistrement sonore, commercial 2006 N/A CD 1114
De Angelis
for mezzo soprano, three contraltos, SATB choir and drones
Partition, éditée 1999 00:26:00 MV 4700 H367dea 1999
De Angelis
Hidden 1999 00:28:31 AR2802
flute and string orchestra
Partition, éditée 2011 00:30:00 MI 1621 H367de
Enregistrement sonore, commercial N/A CD 1396
Hidden 00:04:56 AR2509
Erotikos logos
Partition, éditée 1991 00:22:00 MV 1215 H367er
Erotikos logos
Enregistrement sonore, commercial 1996 N/A CD 339
Everlasting light - footprints in new snow
Everlasting light - footprints in new snow (sound recordings). --
Enregistrement sonore, commercial 2002 N/A CD 760
Everlasting light (lux perpetua)
for countertenor, tenor, baritone, SATB choir, percussion and crystal glasses
Partition, éditée 1999 00:30:00 MV 3730 H367ev
Farewell to Bach
for baroque orchestra
Partition, éditée 1998 Inconnu MI 1100 H367far 1998
Fertility rites
marimba with digital audio
Partition, éditée 2007 00:13:30 MI 9130 H367fe
Fertility rites
Hidden 00:15:43 AR2269
Footprints in new snow
Hidden 2003 00:43:46 AR2659
Four settings of Bishop poems
Sonnet; Insomnia; The Unbeliever; Anaphora
Hidden 2011 00:23:06 AR2880
From the book of Job
for soprano and orchestra
Partition, éditée 2001 00:13:00 MV 1400 H367fro
From the Song of Songs
Hidden 2008 00:18:26 AR2432
From the vanishing gardens of eden
Hidden 00:13:29 AR2858
From the vanishing gardens of eden
(for twelve violas and digital audio playback)
Partition, éditée 1992 00:13:00 MI 9303 H367fr
Enregistrement sonore, commercial 1989 N/A CD 34
Going Home Star
Enregistrement sonore, commercial 2015 N/A CD 1695
Hidden 00:22:49 ND 105
for oboe d'amore, chorus, and chamber ensemble
Partition, éditée 1994 Inconnu MV 6256 H367hei 1994
for oboe d'amore, SATB soloists, SATB chorus and chamber ensemble
Partition, éditée 1994 00:24:00 MV 4755 H367hei
Hidden 00:29:18 AR3065
I Am in Need of Music
Enregistrement sonore, commercial 2013 N/A CD 1605
The idea of Canada
Hidden 00:36:03 AR2721
In the fire of conflict
marimba, crotales and digital audio
Partition, éditée 2009 Inconnu MI 9130 H367in
Introduction to Canadian music
Enregistrement sonore, commercial 1997 N/A CD 404
The Isle Is Full of Noises
for orchestra
Partition, éditée 2013 Inconnu MI 1100 H367is