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Signalling a Musical Sea Change | Composer Alexina Louie and cellist Rachel Mercer08 Nov 2019
Congratulations to Eve Egoyan on her Toronto Arts Foundation Award!09 May 2019
Pembroke Symphony Orchestra and acclaimed pianist to perform Juno nominated piano concerto25 Feb 2019
5 Questions to Christina Petrowska Quilico (pianist)07 Nov 2018
How Christina Petrowska Quilico finds the flow in Ann Southam's music24 Sep 2018
Soundspinning: Music of Ann Southam24 Sep 2018
Pianist Christina Petrowska Quilico - The Current Within the Music04 Sep 2018
Christina Petrowska-Quilico: An award-winning champion of Canadian music03 Oct 2017
We can't stop watching this video for Ann Southam's Glass Houses No. 517 Jul 2017
Centrediscs Releases Nominated for Two 2017 East Coast Music Awards31 Jan 2017
Red Bull Music Academy Daily Features Pioneering Canadian Women in Electronic Music 30 Sep 2016
Coming of Age In The 1990s - Part 202 May 2016
A Nation of Tinkerers: How a Canadian University Shaped Electronic Music in North America29 Feb 2016
WholeNote Editor's Corner - Glass Houses Volumes 1 & 229 Feb 2016
Greg Harrison earns top 10 ranking in best classical albums 04 Jan 2016
Ann Southam, Glass Houses Revisited, Christina Petrowska Quilico 22 Dec 2015
Centrediscs launches box set of Southam/Petrowska Quilico’s GLASS HOUSES08 Dec 2015
Ann Southam - By Hand For Hands01 Dec 2015
The 10 best Canadian classical albums of 201501 Dec 2015
Ontario Notations: Fall 201522 Nov 2015
The Future of Canadian Music, Back Then13 Oct 2015
New Music More Canadian Than Usual13 Oct 2015
Build your classical music foundation with these 10 essential works 26 Aug 2015
First Play: Taktus, Glass Houses for Marimba 14 Jul 2015
Ann Southam: A Simple (24-Hour) Line of Inquiry 21 May 2015
The Eternal Struggle: Women and Musical Creation11 Feb 2015
ACWC Bulletin -- December 201415 Jan 2015
Glass Houses Vol.2 Reviewed by Edward Jurkowski from the University of Lethbridge10 Sep 2014
The 30 best Canadian classical recordings ever 04 Sep 2014
Chamberfest's new music showcase well performed05 Aug 2014
Christina Petrowska Quilico finding peace in contemporary music04 Aug 2014
Spring news from the Association of Canadian Women Composers24 Jun 2014
Glass Houses Vol.2 – Music of Ann Southam09 Jun 2014
Toronto classical concert picks for May 13 to May 18, 201413 May 2014
On the 13th at the CMC and more!12 May 2014
Toronto classical concert and opera picks for April 22 to April 27, 201422 Apr 2014
Christina Petrowska Quilico : autel de Glass16 Apr 2014
First Play: Christina Petrowska Quilico, Glass Houses, vol. 2 15 Apr 2014
Christina Petrowska Quilico Launches New Collection of Ann Southam's Glass Houses on Centrediscs Label07 Apr 2014
Coming up at the CMC!28 Mar 2014
Notations Newsletter Spring 201420 Mar 2014
Music flows to dance stage in Rivers27 Jan 2014
From Lang Lang to Angela Hewitt: 20 can't-miss pianists in 2014 13 Jan 2014
Appreciation: Canadian Music Centre’s Score Reading Club a fine introduction to new sounds06 Dec 2013
Tribute to Canadian Women Composers November 24 at The Music Gallery20 Nov 2013
Centrepulse: November 14 201315 Nov 2013
Centrepulse: November 7 201312 Nov 2013
Pianist Christina Petrowska Quilico performs virtuosic Canadian works for York U Faculty Concert Series08 Nov 2013
CentrePulse: October 31 201305 Nov 2013
Canadian Music Centre Piano Series09 Oct 2013
Seventeen CMC Associate Composer’s works to be performed at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche02 Oct 2013
A TOUCH OF LIGHT at the Canadian Music Centre18 Sep 2013
Canadian Music Centre Piano Series15 Jul 2013
Eve Egoyan 5: reinventing the tone-row22 Apr 2013
Keyboard Thursday album review: Pianist Eve Egoyan’s enchanting drift through music by Ann Southam18 Apr 2013
Eve Egoyan scores with solo pieces by Ann Southam: album review15 Apr 2013
Listening and the Piano Explosion04 Apr 2013
Pianists come back home05 Nov 2012
Prairie Sounds - Spring 201131 Jul 2012
Prairie Sounds - Spring 200231 Jul 2012
cmcEntre news - #431 Jul 2012
NoteS Atlantic - #14230 Jul 2012
NoteS Atlantic - April 201130 Jul 2012
NOTATIONS - WINTER 200328 May 2012
Notations - Winter 201118 May 2012
Toronto Dance Theatre presents Rivers, a major new work by Christopher House set to the beloved piano music of Ann Southam25 Apr 2012
Toronto Dance Theatre presents Rivers on Wednesday25 Apr 2012
Many Rivers to cross : DANCE / Toronto Dance Theatre's latest promises simple adventure24 Apr 2012
Christopher House on his tribute to Ann Southam’s Rivers 24 Apr 2012