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Jean Coulthard: Médias

Typeicone de tri Titre Crédits
Document (pdf) Note to Colin Miles Jean Coulthard
Document (pdf) Lecture delivered by Jean Coulthard Jean Coulthard
Document (pdf) Handwritten note for Two songs for midsummer Jean Coulthard
Document (pdf) Handwritten programme note for Three ballades from the Maritimes Jean Coulthard
Document (pdf) Handwritten programme note for Christina songs Jean Coulthard
Document (pdf) Handwritten programme note for Fantasy sonata for horn and piano Jean Coulthard
Document (pdf) Letter to Mark Altman, president of SOCAN Jean Coulthard, Mark Altman
Programme (pdf) Program for tenth anniversary gala CMC BC Region, Jean Coulthard
Programme (pdf) VISI Program featuring performance of Jean Coulthard's Spring Rhapsody Vancouver International Song Institute, Jean Coulthard
Vidéo The Orchestration of Quebec May Frederick Schipizky, Jean Coulthard
Vidéo Performance of Aegean Sketches by Jean Coulthard
Presse (pdf) With age the power to do good William Bruneau, Classical Music Magazine
Presse (pdf) Jean Coulthard: a Revised view Roseanne Kydd, SoundNotes
Presse (pdf) Coulthard keeps Creative Fires Lit Robert Jordan, Georgia Straight
Presse (pdf) A conversation with Jean Coulthard David Duke, Music Scene
Presse (pdf) Prairie Sounds newsletter with feature on Maureen Forrester Roberta Stephen, Prairie Sounds
Presse (pdf) Canadian Composer Jean Coulthard and Artist Emily Carr: Spiritual Encounters with Nature Glenn Colton, IAWM Journal