Nielsen and Mozart

Samedi, Janvier 13, 2018
Titre de l'événement: Nielsen and Mozart
  • Région: Prairies
  • Venue / Location: Centennial Concert Hall, 555 Main St, Winnipeg, MB R3B 1C3
  • Temps: 8:00pm
  • Prix: --
  • Genre: Orchestre / Grands ensembles (10+)
  • Lien externe:
  • Compositeur : Harry Stafylakis
  • Composition: --
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LYRICISM Between the breadth of Mahler and the purity of Sibelius is the unique world of Nielsen, articulated in six splendid symphonies. His Third, subtitled the Sinfonia espansiva, opens with a Tchaikovsky like waltz before moving to a tranquil Second movement that wordlessly melds soprano and tenor in a hymn to man and nature.

Mozart’s Fifth and final Violin Concerto is delightful in the bright key of A major, interpreted here by the young Canadian virtuoso Alexandre Da Costa. Harry Stafylakis’“dreamy yet rhythmic” (NY Times) style is one reason he was chosen WSO Composer-in-Residence. Expect a dramatic and emotional work in this world-premiere performance.