Toy Piano Composers

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Type de média : CD
Date de Parution : 2017
Étiquette du disque : Redshift

The Toy Piano Composers (TPC) is a Toronto-based collective of composers that presents imaginative new music to curious audiences in a playful concert environment. Since 2008, TPC has produced twenty-six concerts, and premiered over 120 new works of opera, chamber music, and orchestral music. This debut album highlights some of the most memorable chamber music that TPC has presented over the years, showcasing a generation of young composers from across Canada who are creating music over a vast range of styles. These seven pieces provide a musical snapshot of a vibrant community of composers and musicians that has grown out of Toronto in the last decade.

Toy Piano Composers
Elisha Denburg, Monica Pearce, Chris Thornborrow, Ruth Guechtal, Nancy Tam, Daniel Brophy, and Fiona Ryan.

Toy Piano Composers Ensemble
Pratik Gandhi – Conductor;
Tim Crouch* – Flute;
Anthony Thompson – Clarinets;
Wesley Shen – Piano/Toy Piano;
Daniel Morphy – Percussion;
Sharon Lee – Violin (tracks 3, 4, & 6);
Ilana Waniuk – Violin (tracks 1, 5, & 7);
Adam Scime – Double bass.
With special guest Angela Schwarzkopf – Harp (track 4)
*Special thanks also to TPC flute player Katherine Watson who premiered many of these works

Produced by Chris Thornborrow
Recorded, edited and mastered by Paul Talbott
Assistant Engineer: James Finnerty
Session Support: Phil Hotz
Graphic Design: Nick Thornborrow and Jamie Drake

Track Listing:

2. clangor - Monica Pearce (5:25)
3. Walking - Chris Thornborrow (7:41)
4. Hermes' Lure - Ruth Guechtal (4:21)
5. Modus Operandi - Nancy Tam (5:51)
6. Sonata for Satan - Daniel Brophy (10:17)
7. Strage Gazes and Birdsong - Fiona Ryan (5:17)

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