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CANADA MOSAIC | Nicole Lizée: Machines Behaving Badly

CANADA MOSAIC | Nicole Lizée: Machines Behaving Badly

mars 11, 2017

"Montreal-based composer Nicole Lizée fuses the old with the new, the antiquated with the innovative, the defective with the pristine. Her work pushes technological objects to the point of rupture, and displaces these sounds into different and daring contexts. Lizée’s work is characterized by the striking sonic beauty that is revealed in such processes.

“My aesthetic is built around the idea of malfunction. Embracing malfunction, embracing vintage machines and vintage techniques, old-school film techniques […] but especially malfunctions. Machines and media behaving badly. And harnessing that glitch […] not only using that machine that is glitching, but simulating that using acoustic or live musicians.”

This novel musical aesthetic is provocative and evidently attractive; Lizée’s work has been performed by the likes of the BBC Proms, the National Arts Centre Orchestra, the San Francisco Symphony, and in dozens of notable venues throughout North America and Europe..."


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