Now Hear This New Music Festival- New Music Edmonton

Jeudi, Mars 16, 2017
Titre de l'événement: Now Hear This New Music Festival- New Music Edmonton
  • Compositeur : James Tenney
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The Bozzini String Quartet and Guests

In A Large Open Space

This stunning, public event is destined to be one of the most unusual, yet moving and beautiful events ever to happen in City Hall. The Bozzini String Quartet, this year’s Now Hear This Artists In Residence, will lead an ensemble of some 20 Edmonton musicians in a free, public performance of late Canadian composer James Tenney’s In A Large Open Space. With the musicians spread across the space, and on two levels, the lobby will be breathtakingly filled with the wondrous sounds of a vast spectrum of instruments playing cosmic, meditative harmonies. The audience free to move from place to place so they can discover their own “version” of the music. This is a must-be-there event!

The Edmonton Saxophone Quartet – Studio 96 (10909 96 Street), 7:00 p.m.

The Edmonton Saxophone Quartet will offer a program of works selected through our open call. The four musicians in this group represent an all-star lineup of performers, each of whom is capable of pushing their instruments to the limits (and maybe even further!). As a group, their skills create a brilliant and unforgettable experience for audiences, combining the intricate interactions of complex chamber music with a fantastic wall of sound only 4 saxophones could make. This, their second appearance as Now Hear This performance is guaranteed to be an exciting sonic adventure.

Late-night Live II – Studio 96 (10909 96 Street), 9:30 p.m.

A highlight of Now Hear This is always our two late-evening shows which offer performances by some of Edmonton’s most daring musical experimenters. With a wild mixture of electronics, improvisation, noise, video and a large measure of the unexpected, Late-night Live I and II offer a great opportunity to “get in tune” wilder side of our city’s musical underground.