Currents of Sable Island

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Type de média : CD
Date de Parution : 2016
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Composer/Guitarist, Scott Macmillan
The Currents of Sable Ensemble
Laurel Browne, Soprano

“the island bends
to current, winds and wave,
marram grass
netting the dunes, which bury and disinter
seal rib, sparrow rib, rib of feral horse
arc of a dolphin’s spine, sand
where the heart was…..”

This evocative opening stanza from Jill MacLean’s poem Sable Island 44ºN 60ºW sets the mood for Canadian Composer, Scott Macmillan’s Currents Of Sable Island.

Travelling to Sable Island in 2007 in what only can be described as the trip of a lifetime, Macmillan conjures up the mystery and treachery of Sable Island with his use of violin, cello and bass, augmented by French horn, flute/tin whistle, guitar, harp, percussion and voice.

"Rosy, resonant glories […] Currents of Sable one of Macmillan’s best works."
- Stephen Pedersen Arts Reporter

Created in Geological time by receding glaciers and held in place by the convergence of the Labrador, Belle Isle, and Gulf Stream currents, Sable Island’s relentless winds are forever shifting and re-sculpting the Island.

With over 350 recorded shipwrecks, Sable Island is a place of wild intrigue, a home to an iconic wild horse population, and a breeding ground for grey seals. Once, an outpost for rescue and communication, the Island became a National Park Reserve of Canada on October 17, 2011.

The Currents of Sable Ensemble consists of top Nova Scotia Symphonic and Celtic musicians. Scott is delighted to introduce soprano soloist Laurel Browne. Currents of Sable Island was recorded in front of a live audience March 22, 2015.

An associate composer with the Canadian Music Centre, Scott Macmillan has a passion for creating music. This love has inspired exploration into genres from rock to blues, classical to choral, Celtic to jazz, as well as modern and avant-garde. In 2014 Scott received the Portia White Prize, Nova Scotia’s Top Artist Prize. A multiple East Coast Music Award winner, Scott continues to play a significant role expanding audiences for Atlantic Canadian music both nationally and internationally. His most celebrated composition a collaboration with librettist, Jennyfer Brickenden is Celtic Mass for the Sea. Currents Of Sable Island first premiered in Halifax, Nova Scotia on July 3rd, 2008.

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