Spin - Like a Ragged Flock

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Birding I (938.30 kb)
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Fluting I (937.89 kb)
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Type de média : CD
Date de Parution : 2015
Étiquette du disque : Independent

~Spin~ was formed in 2007 by James Harley, electronics, and Ellen Waterman, Flute/vocals.

‘Improvisation and electroacoustic composition are spun together in a multi-channel performance environment.. ~Spin~ explores musical performances as a sensitive articulation of the micro-ecology of specific moments in time and space’

This release is DVD audio spatialized in 5.1 surround sound. It cannot be played on a standard CD player and must either be played on a DVD player or a computer. The disc also contains stereo wave and MP3 files that can be downloaded.

Music by: James Harley and Ellen Waterman

Track Listing:

1. Briding I (4:55)
2. Birding II (5:19)
3. Fluting I (6:28)
4. Fluting II (8:54)
5. Gating, In 5 Parts (12:25)
6. Wild fruits 2: Like a Ragged Flock, Like Pulverized Jade (11:44)

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