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Portrait de Matthew Fava
by Matthew Fava
on juin 20, 2018

By Lisa Conway

I heard of Nicole Lizée and her work long before I actually heard her work - friends who composed contemporary or experimental music kept telling me I’d be excited about it. There was mention of all sorts of electronics, Ataris, glitch, turntables, orchestras, omnichords, films, even karaoke, but I didn’t fully comprehend the rigorousness of her craftsmanship, or the singularity of her voice until I started preparing for this piece of writing.

Portrait de Patrick K
on juin 25, 2018

Classical piano competition for our young pianists in the GTA and only one uniquely remarkable pianist, in each category, may claim to be a Phoenix. Come and listen to the sound of our future virtuoso piano players. If not by family ties, come as a fan. They will enjoy having you!​

Our objective is to offer the younger generation an experience to perform in front of a live audience. Although this is a competition, 3 of our finalists will also be offered a chance to perform in our "Peace" concert.