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CMC 50th Anniversary Ambassadors

To celebrate this historic occasion, the CMC has chosen to recognize 50 outstanding performers and conductors who have played exceptional roles in shaping the Canadian music scene over the course of the last 50 years. It is their collaboration with Canadian composers that brings new music to life. We honour their commitment to bringing the works of these composers to both national and international audiences and we are grateful for their outstanding contributions to Canadian music. The CMC is delighted to recognize their talent and dedication to the new music community.

Robert Aitken
Lydia Adams
Colleen Athparia
Karin Aurell
Mario Bernardi
Louise Bessette
Walter Boudreau
Isabelle Bozzini
Jeremy Brown
Kathryn Cernauskas
Lawrence Cherney
Robert Cram
Lise Daoust
Julie-Anne Derome
Eve Egoyan
Victor Feldbrill
Salvador Ferreras
Judith Forst
Peter Gardner
Rivka Golani
Janet Hammock
Ian Hampton
John Hess
Gwen Hoebig
Beverley Johnston
David Kaplan


Elaine Keillor
Gary Kulesha
Véronique Lacroix
Marie-Chantal Leclair
Robert Leroux
Bill Linwood
Eduard Minevich
Mary Morrison
Marie-Danielle Parent
Alex Pauk
Joseph Petric
Christina Petrowska Quilico
Olga Ranzenhofer
Shauna Rolston
Heather Pawsey
Barbara Pritchard
Sylvia Shadick-Taylor
Jacqueline Sorensen
Wayne Strongman
Bramwell Tovey
Alain Trudel
Owen Underhill
Lorraine Vaillancourt
Pauline Vaillancourt
Jon Washburn

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